Party Time @ Paulie's!

Paulie’s has become somewhat of a home base for us since our inception. This past Saturday night proved this fact once again. Despite the copious amount of events occurring all at once, we enjoyed a fairly commendable crowd of party animals. We premiered a couple of new tracks and partook in the usual silly fanfare that regularly happens at our gigs. The wild factor turned up a notch between sets when several attendees of the Hairball show downtown arrived ready to dance and drink. As usual, we thank Paulie and crew for their graciousness and accommodation. We look forward to returning in May. We also thank Breezy Point Co. for their incredible job running our sound and lights. For now, the rock n’ roll express heads over to the Saloon on Calhoun in Brookfield on March 23rd. It will be extra special due to the added celebration of our own Oscar Ramos’s birthday! See you then!

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