State Fair Tour and Greendale Village Days!

Whew! What an eventful past two weeks for us! We concluded a triple dose of the Wisconsin State Fair in which we took over the Charcoal Grill stage. Over the course of these shows, we made more unforgettable memories and made many new friends. The weather gods and the rock gods coalesced to provide us with ideal playing conditions As always, we saw our friends come from far and wide to support us. We realize how much there is to see and do at the Fair, so we appreciate those who choose to make us part of their experience. We were very impressed by the turnout at the shows and it seemed to rejuvenate our performance. The band seems to be clicking better than ever and we are excited by what is to come. State Fair has really been one of the notable highlights of this year so far. In addition, we also made our very first trip to Greendale for their Village Days festival. While our timeslot there worked against us drawing a huge crowd, we still enjoyed our visit and are hopeful to be back in a bigger way next year. We sincerely thank everyone involved with both events for their role in letting us be part of it all. We now take a couple weeks off to recharge and work on some new tunes. The summer season is beginning to wind down and we are preparing to make the transition back indoors.  Next up for us is at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino on Thursday, August 24th. You may not do so well on the slots, but you will always win with Strip'd!


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