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Hello rock mavens and welcome to the Strip’d blog! We’re gonna talk about anything and everything here, so visit often and keep it interactive! 

Today we’re gonna talk about how we go about choosing songs. With a catalog of over one hundred bands and ten years worth of songs, the options are immense. Some of the choices in bands are obvious. You can’t be an 80’s arena rock/Sunset Strip tribute band without paying homage to the heavy hitters...Motley Crue, Ratt, Dokken, Van Halen, Poison...the bands that epitomize the decade of decadence. We want to play music that will bring back fond memories and get people out of their chairs! 

In selecting songs by these bands, we do our best to give the crowds something new to hear, that other local bands aren’t doing. It’s not always possible, but we strive to choose music that was big in the day, but not always the band’s #1 hit. We also like to take some of these songs and put our own acoustic “spin” on them. If you’ve hear us perform Ratt’s “Wanted Man” or Autograph’s “Turn Up The Radio” you know what I mean. 

Once the big boys were represented, we started looking at the rest of the 80’s bands. Lots and lots to choose from...White Lion, Tora Tora, LA Guns, Warrant, Tesla, Skid Row, Cinderella, Extreme....this is where the fun begins! Deciding which songs to do really comes down to “is the song too obscure to keep people rocking out?” and “is this song already in other band’s rotation?” What we’ve found is, most of you really love some of the songs we do that got airplay but have drifted off of mainstream radio. We get a huge response from songs like XYZ’s “Inside Out”, Killer Dwarfs “It’s Doesn’t Matter” and Dangerous Toys “Scared”. There are no other bands doing these songs, and we continually hear “I can’t believe you played that song!” We will always strive to find the songs that really freak people out! 

Now that the band has been playing some of these songs for the better part of a year, we are focusing on adding new material to the play list. You will still hear your Motley Crue and Ratt, but you may also hear a golden nugget from say,  Trixter, or maybe Love/Hate? Some of you have already heard our newest addition, “Jelly Roll” from Blue Murder!!! What a fun song to play! 

Hope to see you all out there this fall and winter when the weather is cold but the club scene is HOTTER THAN H-E-L-L!! 

PS. Our blog needs a name, so hit us with your ideas! 

- Gary, Strip’d Co-Founder and Acoustic Guitarist