An Acoustic Trip to the Sunset Strip

Think back to the days of loud guitars, Aqua Net, spandex, big hair and rock and roll. The 80’s saw a decade of bands storm the airwaves, from radio to MTV. Stadiums and arenas around the world saw some of the biggest, loudest productions, and there was no doubt that this music ruled the day. 

The four musicians in STRIP’D have a goal. We want to bring this music back to stages all over the midwest. The sounds of hot summer nights, car windows down, fist pumping anthem rock. We’ve built a stage show that fits anywhere and shows off the talents these five veteran musicians bring. 

Bringing these epic songs back in an acoustic setting shows they were more than just loud music. Rock and roll, however, needs to be powerful. That’s why we will still feature electric guitar and thunderous drums. Whatever the song calls for, that’s what we do. 

STRIP’D is going to be that show you hear over and over again “OMG, I love this song” and “I wonder what they’ll do next!”



Hello friends! After 3 years of bringing you our unique brand of 80's hair metal, the members of Strip'd have decided to pursue new and exciting projects. It was an absolute blast not only for the band members to play this music for you, but we loved your passion and support. 


A few very special thanks need to go out. Jon Kruger, you make every band you've worked with so much better. Tireless work ethic and your personality fits with us knucklehead musicians. You are the best and will be called upon again!


Taylor Thompson, our little brother. How could we ever ask for a better ambassador of all things glam? You worked for nothing and made us more professional as our main media guy. We all saw each other thru some tough times, just like a family. May that brotherhood continue.


Lisa Ramos, if you weren't cooking pre-practice dinners for us, you were making sure we were all happy and ready to rock on stage. Not to mention you got people out of their seats and dancing. To our very special "sticker queen", we love you.


Darrell Radke, you helped launch the band and gave us instant credibility with that crazy voice and bowling shoes! We appreciate your time with us and love seeing you still shredding ears!


Thanks to John Conhartoski for being one of the original 5 to get the band off the ground. Kelley O'Brien, you are one of a kind sweet thru and thru. Thank you for all your love and cookies!


To all the clubs, bars, festivals and anyone else who would have us, thank you so much for allowing us to play the songs we grew up on. Special thanks to our home base, Paulie's for being so very good to us. You and your staff are fantastic.


Oscar, Brian, Dave and Gary may pop on your social media to say thanks personally, and if we missed anyone, they will make sure you are thanked properly.


So are the guys in Strip'd put out to pasture? Hardly! All four are pursuing new musical stories. We hope you will continue to support us all.


Will Strip'd ever come back together to rock it up? We all remain great friends, and our love for you and the music may be the magnet that puts us back onstage, ready to relive that decade of decadence once again. We love you, and thanks!


- Brian, Dave, Oscar and Gary

End of Summer Wrap-Up at Saint Francis Days! 

Labor Day weekend is often name-checked as the unofficial conclusion to summer. If that’s sadly the case, we still closed it out in style! Saint Francis Days could not have been more inviting to us. Great sound and hospitality. Despite a couple of us feeling under the weather, we powered through it like champions. We lucked out in the weather department, as the rain stayed away and the sun shined through the clouds. We certainly hope to be included in next year’s event! Thank you all for a tremendous summer. Our travels now take us back indoors. Our club season officially begins at Mo’s Irish Pub in Wauwatosa on Friday, September 28th. Come party with us! 

Sheboygan Brat Days and Wisconsin State Fair! 

Taking a photographic trip back to this past weekend’s fun-filled madness! Started off with a steamy late morning/early afternoon on Saturday up at Sheboygan Brat Days. You could smell that tasty goodness a mile away. Was pretty rad playing our set as 80’s headliners of the night, Quiet Riot, were soundchecking on a separate stage about a hundred feet away. Wrapped up on Sunday afternoon on the newly remodeled Charcoal Grill Stage at Wisconsin State Fair. The beer flowed and the ladies danced. Several guest rock stars stopped by and joined us onstage including- Andrew Gasiorowski of Insane Octane and Aces High, Eddie Martinez of Motley Brue and Category X, and Rich Hoffman of Almighty Vinyl. I think the pictures below speak for themselves. Thanks to both venues for the spacious accommodations and kickass sound! We are back at the Charcoal Grill this Saturday afternoon to wrap up our tour of State Fair. Let’s tear it up once more!

St. Roman's Fest In Milwaukee! 

Here's an action shot from a sweltering Saturday afternoon out at St. Roman's Festival. It was our first visit here and we hope to be invited back again next year. Special thanks to all the rockers who braved the heat to give us your support. Our next gig takes us back into the air conditioning over at Potawatomi Bingo & Casino in Milwaukee on Saturday, June 30th. Come try your luck at a little gambling, grab a drink, and join us in the Fire Pit Sports Bar. See you soon!

Chocolate Fest In Burlington! 

Chilling out with the chocolate bunny from a very hot and humid outing at Chocolate Fest yesterday in Burlington! Our thanks to the festival for having us! We here at Strip’d wish everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend and recognize the sacrifice of those who have defended our freedoms and make it possible for us to have fun and rock out.

All-Star Jam @ Paulie's! 

Our rotation of all-star singers delivered a resounding victory this past Saturday at Paulie’s Pub in West Allis. Those featured included- Roger Fuerstenau of the Mania, Andrew Gasiorowski of Insane Octane and Aces High, David Gonzalez of Crank the Radio, and Taylor Thompson of Groove Epidemic. Despite a rainy evening, we benefited from the antics and silliness of several enthusiastic rockers on the dance floor. As always, we thank Paulie’s for the continued support and Animal Productions (Ed, Jeff, Kenny, Trevor and Glenn) for the top-notch sound and lights. Our journey finally takes us outside to Chocolate Fest in Burlington on Saturday afternoon, May 26th. It’s our first festival show of the summer and we are ready to rock it outdoors. Chocolate and rock n’ roll...sounds like a sweet combination to us!

Strip'd Gets Spooky @ Mo's Irish Pub! 

Friday night could not have been more fantastic! A dismal and dreary day of rain did nothing to stop an impressive crowd of party animals from getting their groove on at Mo’s Irish Pub. A strong dinner crowd elected to extend their evening with our two sets of energetic and electrifying rock n’ roll. The dance floor was packed and active all night long. It was very encouraging to see a group of largely new faces take in our show with a sense of enjoyment and wonderment. We feel we made many new additions to the Strip’d fan base. We also saw several friends in attendance who we hadn’t seen in a while. That was much appreciated. We added a special 80’s attired theme to this particular event (Friday the 13th) and numerous patrons responded by showing up dressed in their 80’s best. Those who did walked away with some special Strip’d goodies. Our sincere gratitude goes out to the staff at Mo’s Irish Pub for having us and we hope to be invited back again soon. An additional thanks is sent to the rock stars at A.N.T. Productions for making us look and sound so good. We head back to Paulie’s next month to wrap up the club season before transitioning into the outdoors for the summer. Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate. Fingers crossed. Until then, rock on!

Oscar's Birthday Bash @ Saloon on Calhoun! 

This past Friday marked our first headlining gig at the award-winning Saloon on Calhoun in Brookfield. We were treated with a warm welcome. What made this evening extra special was the celebration of our birthday boy bassist, Oscar Ramos. Us and a bunch of his great friends did our best to make his night a joyful one. There was loud rock, beautiful faces, and lots of laughs. Plus....cake! We debuted more new tunes and brought up some all-stars to jam with us. These rock stars included Markus Deutsch of Stetsin & Lace, Chris Krebs of Six Pack Sammy, and our own Taylor Thompson. Our buddy Mitch, from 102.9 The Hog, hung out with us all evening. We send our wholehearted thanks to Dave Dayler and the entire team at the Saloon on Calhoun. We look forward to a return visit. We hit the road again on Friday, April 13th (scary!) to get our "irish" on at Mo's Irish Pub in Wauwatosa. We hope to see you there!

Party Time @ Paulie's! 

Paulie’s has become somewhat of a home base for us since our inception. This past Saturday night proved this fact once again. Despite the copious amount of events occurring all at once, we enjoyed a fairly commendable crowd of party animals. We premiered a couple of new tracks and partook in the usual silly fanfare that regularly happens at our gigs. The wild factor turned up a notch between sets when several attendees of the Hairball show downtown arrived ready to dance and drink. As usual, we thank Paulie and crew for their graciousness and accommodation. We look forward to returning in May. We also thank Breezy Point Co. for their incredible job running our sound and lights. For now, the rock n’ roll express heads over to the Saloon on Calhoun in Brookfield on March 23rd. It will be extra special due to the added celebration of our own Oscar Ramos’s birthday! See you then!

Wild In Waukesha!! 

We’re off to a whirlwind start this year! This past Saturday night in Waukesha hit all the right notes. The return of the polar vortex didn’t stop a fairly sizable crowd from braving the elements for an evening of frivolity. The music surely warmed up the room in spirit and in energy. We shared a double bill with Paul and the Destroyers, as they shelled out a slew of Kiss classics. They absolutely sounded phenomenal. We thank them for joining up with us and we look forward to teaming up again down the road. They were a tough act to follow. We followed with a very strong two sets of rockers that carried through until right near bar time. Some special guests joined us onstage, including Cherry Pie’s own stick-master himself, Frankie Trash. He came up to jam with us for Autograph’s “Turn Up The Radio”. As per usual, we concluded the party with a cast of very attractive patrons dancing their butts off to some Motley Crue. Many new faces were in attendance and we hope we made some new fans. The sound was fantastic and we tip our caps to the crew at ALM Event Fusion Services for making that possible. Special recognition goes to Tim Dunn and the entire staff over at the Cue Club. It was great to be back and we can’t wait for our next gig there. Another welcome return occurs in less than two weeks, as we head back to Lucky Chance in West Allis on Saturday, February 3rd. We’ll rock and roll you then!

Merry Christmas! 

What a way to wrap up our 2017 season! Friday night’s Christmas extravaganza at Lucky Chance in West Allis was off the chain! An excitable crowd gradually built in numbers and energy throughout the evening. The action was entertaining to witness, both on and off the stage. Several patrons showed up dressed in their holiday best. We offered up some special treats including a trio of “hairy” Christmas tunes and an appearance from a naughty Santa Claus! We think the pictures below speak for themselves. We like to thank the entire crew at Lucky Chance for making this a party to remember. We also send our gratitude to Mitch from 102.9 The Hog for hanging out and giving us a nice introduction. From all of us at the Strip’d team, we wish each of you a splendid Christmas and New Year. Thanks for all your continued support. We return to rock your collective souls in 2018! Next show: Saturday, January 13th at the Cue Club in Waukesha. Be there. 

Cheers! ? 

-Oscar, Gary, Brian, Dave, Jon, Taylor, and Lisa


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