Sound Issues and Spinal Tap (4/12/17)

Hello loyal Strip’d teasers! 

If you joined us for our last two shows, you had to endure some nasty, ear-splitting sound issues. This was due to a combination of things that we are working hard at fixing. Much of it was a learning curve, even at this stage, of the do’s and do not’s of sound. We hope none of this will scare you away from rocking with us in the future. It’s so hard to put on a kick ass show when you’re fighting against sound problems. The sound guys really were working hard to get them fixed, but they kept popping up like a damn Gremlin! If we have to have a five hour sound check at our next show, we’ll do it to make sure you get the best show possible! 

If you’ve even seen the movie “Spinal Tap” (duh, like what true rocker hasn’t?), you know they had their issues with keeping drummers alive. They claimed to have had 12 drummers, most which died in bizarre fashion (gardening accident, spontaneous combustion, choking on someone else’s vomit). Seems like we are suffering a similar fate with lead vocalists. After Darrell, we’ve struggled to find that perfect fit. Someone who has all the goods...the voice, the attitude, the stage presence. We find ourselves once again singer-less, but as you know, Strip’d has four great voices already, so the train rolls on until we can lock down the perfect 5th band mate. We will also get some more “All-Star” jams going in the meantime. 

We would also like to welcome Taylor Thompson to the Strip’d team. Taylor not only embodies what it means to be “Metal”, but his talents in writing and communication impressed us so much we made him our Media Manager. He will help get the word out on upcoming shows and other goings on with Strip’d. 

Our next two gigs are only two days apart! Friday, May 5th at Booster’s Buoy in Racine, and then opening for the mighty Y&T at The Metal Grill on Sunday, May 7th. Hope to see all your rockin’ faces then!!! 

Strip’d is: 

Oscar Ramos - Acoustic Bass and Vocals 
Brian Hale - Lead Guitars and Vocals 
John Conhartoski - Drums and Vocals 
Gary Banach - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals 
Jon Kruger - Stage Manager 
Taylor Thompson - Media Manager

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