Sheboygan Brat Days and Wisconsin State Fair!

Taking a photographic trip back to this past weekend’s fun-filled madness! Started off with a steamy late morning/early afternoon on Saturday up at Sheboygan Brat Days. You could smell that tasty goodness a mile away. Was pretty rad playing our set as 80’s headliners of the night, Quiet Riot, were soundchecking on a separate stage about a hundred feet away. Wrapped up on Sunday afternoon on the newly remodeled Charcoal Grill Stage at Wisconsin State Fair. The beer flowed and the ladies danced. Several guest rock stars stopped by and joined us onstage including- Andrew Gasiorowski of Insane Octane and Aces High, Eddie Martinez of Motley Brue and Category X, and Rich Hoffman of Almighty Vinyl. I think the pictures below speak for themselves. Thanks to both venues for the spacious accommodations and kickass sound! We are back at the Charcoal Grill this Saturday afternoon to wrap up our tour of State Fair. Let’s tear it up once more!

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