Our "Fishing" Expedition to Port Washington!

Our first trip up to Port Washington was a resounding success! We were blessed with clear, blue skies and lots of smiling patrons on this day. The ride into town was mesmerizing, especially the downtown sector with its beautifully structured brick buildings and marina. The area was swarming with people taking in a sunny Saturday at Fish Days. We must conclude that the fish was as delicious as advertised! We enjoyed our setup at the band shell stage and the all ages crowd took in our show with wonderment. Some of our friends made the long trek up just to see us. We always are grateful and appreciative for that. We also welcomed in our dear friend, Dave Sundeen, on drums. He did a fantastic job. Our night was capped off with several enthusiastic dancers joining us onstage. As we tore down our gear, we were treated with eye opening fireworks. It was a double shot of spectacle, both man made and from Mother Nature. We send a sincere thank you to Jim Benson and all the representatives of the Fish Days crew. We hope to be a part of next year's festivities. We return to West Allis this Friday night, the 21st, at St. Rita's. Show kicks off at 7:00pm. See you next time!

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